Reviewing the Jam Monster vape fluids

A Brief Review Of Jam Monster E-Liquid

Jam Monster e-liquid has come to the forefront of the e-liquid game at present and has turned out to be among the best-selling top-quality e-fluids out there. This premium e-liquid brand is manufactured by Fresh Juice Co based in Orlando, Florida. This awesome product has been crafted by the company very carefully using only top-quality ingredients as well as e-juice recipes all of which are time-tested. Jam Monster e-liquid comes with a fantastic taste and is quite popular among the cloud chasers right now. The company has kept things simple as well as perfect by introducing as many as 12 flavors so that you will never run out of choice. These favors happen to be a couple of PB & Jam flavors, 6 original flavors, 3 Ice Monster flavors, as well as the Strawberry Kiwi Pomegranate which happens to be the most recent flavor from the company. 

All these flavor profiles are awesome fruit flavor of strawberry, fresh apples, blueberry, or grape jam with a delicate butter spread on an impeccable piece of toast. The vape juice is available in nicotine strengths of 3 mg, 0 mg, as well as 6 mg. While the base happens to be 75% VG (vegetable glycerin), the remaining 25% is PG (propylene glycol).

Flavor Preview of Jam Monster E-liquid:

1. Apple Jam

This e-juice comes with genuine flavor of apple jam. Being extremely sweet as well as tarty, this astounding flavor will satisfy your taste buds for sure. While inhaling, you will feel rather overwhelmed thanks to the e-juice burst of green apple goodness. While exhaling, you will feel satiated by the smooth and toasted buttercream taste.

2. Blueberry Jam

E-juice blueberry from Jam Monster has created an impeccable balance between tarty and sweet blueberry flavor which has been blended flawlessly with fresh toasted bread and butter. While inhaling, you will experience the smooth flavor of blueberry which has been layered with creamy and scrumptious butter. While exhaling, you will feel rejuvenated thanks to a punch of buttered baked toast. 

3. Blackberry 

It is really difficult to overlook this fantastic blend which happens to be breakfast flavored in spite of being a limited edition e-juice. While inhaling, your mouth will be full of genuine fresh blackberry taste with some hints of cream. On the other hand, while exhaling, you will derive optimum gratification thanks to the freshly baked toast as well as lights notes of butter. 

4. Raspberry Jam

It will be an experience of a lifetime once you savor the exquisite sweetness of fresh raspberries along with smooth and creamy butter. You will feel like taking a bite from a freshly baked and jammed toast. It will take you back in time when you used to enjoy these types of snacks during your school days. 

5. Strawberry Jam

The strawberry jam e-juice will offer you a genuine strawberry taste along with a rich flavor of butter plus fresh oven-baked bread. While inhaling, you will experience the breathtaking sweet and ripe strawberry jam taste. While you exhale, you will go nuts thanks to the incredible taste of fresh toast plus creamy smooth butter notes. 


We like to end this review by asserting that Jam Monster is known to use only fresh and premium-quality ingredients for preparing their e-liquids which will provide you with a healthy as well as risk-free vape session. Their e-juice is available in a generous 100 ml bottle at present that will satisfy your craving without fail. 

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