We reviewed the Milkman E-juice


Milkman is a brand of premium vaping liquids manufactured by The Vaping Rabbit, based in Los Angeles. The creator of the Milkman E-Liquids, Barbara Villegas was inspired to make this product by the milkshakes and pies, which were the famed desserts of America in the 1950’s. The Milkman emerged onto the scene in early 2015 and has since been loved by the vaping community all over the world. It has a range of different e-liquids including Classics, Delight, Heritage and Salt; each one having a distinct taste and aroma of its own. In this article, you’ll get a review of each of these products. 

Milkman Classics.

Appearing in the early part of 2015, this was the first product that was launched by The Vaping Rabbit and it certainly lives up to its name, being a true classic. It was and still is loved as much for its signature packaging as for its flavor. The bottles that are shaped like the traditional milk-cans were an instant hit. The rich taste doesn’t give you a milky taste but has some dash of milkiness in it. That’s perhaps the biggest reason for it to have become a favorite among the Milkman E-Liquids fans. 

Milkman Delights.

If you missed some milky flavor in The Milkman Classics, this is the right product for you. The Delights takes you into the realm of the thicker and milkier world of ice cream and confectionery. Although it’ll remind you of the Classics in the initial few drags, its true taste unleashes after that. It’s an entirely fresh and new flavor, which is way beyond words and can only be experienced. The packaging of the product again scores a double thumbs up. 

Milkman Heritage.

In an ambitious step to expand the brand, The Vaping Rabbit introduced Milkman Heritage having tobacco at its base. It has a typical flavor, that you associate with other Milkman E-Liquids. However, they’ve made a perfect blend of rich and aromatic dessert taste with the best grade tobacco. If you like vaping desserts and also have a taste for tobacco, this one’s surely for you. It’s also an ideal way of introducing someone to tobacco as the regal combination of tobacco and dessert is just too awesome to miss. 

Milkman Salt.

The Vaping Rabbit perhaps made this product for those who like desserts with a pinch of salt. This is a masterstroke from the ace manufacturers offering a unique combo of salt and dessert. It’s consumed best with the pod-based devices. This Milkman product brings to you the richness of milky dessert homogenized with the best of nicotine that’s available in the market. 


The Milkman E-Liquids were launched in 2015 by the Los Angeles based Vaping Rabbit. They’re manufactured using the top-notch raw materials and latest technologies that are FDA approved. They have the General Conformity Certificate as well as the approval from MSDS. The packaging is not only elegant but strong to ensure that they’re child-proof. The products are available in the market off the shelf at the best of vaping stores as well as online through The Drip Club, who’s the official distributor and retailer for the product. If you’re into vaping or want to try, Milkman E-Liquids are meant for you. Go ahead and order one to experience the exquisite taste and aroma of these supreme vaping liquids. 

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