Tale of Taro vape juice from Cloudride vapor

Cloudride Vapor Vape Juice Reviewed

One thing that immediately sets Cloudride e-liquid above most of its competition is the distinctiveness of its different flavors. Vape juice comes in thousands of different tastes from many different companies, and often one is disappointed by the familiarity of the taste a new product offers. Cloudride aims for distinctiveness. None of the different flavors Cloudride offers have a plain and ordinary flavor to them. The fruit flavors, sweets flavors, and tobacco flavors Cloudride sells are all of high quality. The creator of Cloudride’s flavors was previously an award-winning chef, which may explain their distinctiveness. Cloudride products are also produced using strict pharmaceutical grade quality standards and not the looser food-grade standards that most other companies use. While I have not tried all of Cloudride’s products, what I have tried has always been unique.

1) Raspberry Lemonade

Raspberry Lemonade is sweet, but not overpoweringly so. Its sweetness is fruity and reasonably potent rather than sugary and excessive. One can taste both the lemon and the raspberry separately. The lemon taste is stronger than the raspberry taste, but not to the point where the raspberry taste is too weak to notice. Sweeter fruit-flavored and pastry-flavored liquids are my favorites, so I will repeatedly be purchasing this along with Figtastic. At a low nicotine strength, this is probably better than Figtastic; however, one is better off with Figtastic at a higher nicotine concentration.

2) Figtastic

Figtastic truly does taste like figs. A lower quality e-liquid that promised a fig flavor would merely have a sweet and vaguely fruity taste to it, that is not the case here. Cloudride does an excellent job of making its flavors taste like their advertising promises they will. Even if the company promises a blend of different tastes, one can still usually identify each different taste separately. Figtastic is a particularly tasty liquid for those who enjoy fig pastries for dessert. It accurately recreates a fig pastry flavor. This is probably my favorite flavor, although even without it I would still be giving out a positive Cloudride Vape Juice Review.

3) Tabac Elope

Like most vapers, I was a smoker for a long time before switching to cheaper and healthier e-cigarettes. I turned to e-cigarettes almost immediately after the products became available in my area. However, I did not start with a product that tasted like tobacco. When I first started, I preferred vaping to taste nothing like smoking. However, I learned to enjoy tobacco flavored products later on and could imagine vaping Tabac Elope regularly. It is not a pure tobacco taste; instead, it includes butterscotch and cantaloupe flavors as well. It is not so sweet that it loses its tobacco taste entirely.

4) Tabac Relax

Many tobacco flavored liquids seem to have an intentionally harsh taste to them as if that is what former smokers prefer. Tabac Relax tastes much more like a cigarette than Tabac Elope. However, it does not include the harshness that I encounter with many tobacco flavored products. Generally, I prefer sweeter tastes. However, I do buy tobacco-flavored products as well. Tabac Elope is one of the best examples of a product that manages to both be mild and taste like tobacco. Many people must, in all honesty, prefer stronger tobacco tastes and not see them as harsh. For such people, Cloudride also offers a stronger Tabac Robust flavor.

5) Tale of taro

Taro comes off as an unusual choice for an e-liquid flavor. A staple of Southeast Asian and Polynesian food for centuries, the taro root has a rich but not sweet taste. The company describes it as being combined with flavors of creme fraiche and strawberry, so I had little idea about what to expect. It is best if you want something that can be smoked frequently at a low nicotine strength. It is earthy rather than sweet, and one can vape it in large quantity without numbing the taste buds or irritating the throat. It is one of the most unique and distinctive products that I have tried from any company. Cloudride surely takes the uniqueness of their products seriously.

6) Morning Lattee

Morning Latte tastes better at higher than at lower concentrations of nicotine. It is a great product to get yourself woken up in the morning, when you may want to use a higher strength liquid. It tastes like the coffees one can find at Starbucks or other fancy coffee shops. There is plenty of creamy and sugary taste, but not nearly to the extent that it overshadows the coffee flavor.

As a whole, Cloudride’s products are often better than those offered by more expensive competitors. The creativity that the company’s award-winning chef founder put into his cooking is now used to create a variety of original vaping products.

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