Look and Do Good with AIDS Bracelets

Last year, the perfect way to express your support for a cause wasn’t by flooding your social network accounts with hashtags. Rather, it was by expressing your support via your OOTD, or Outfit Of The Day. For an example, at the Oscars, Steve Carell sported HeForShe cufflinks by Emma Watson. You can do the same for AIDS by wearing bracelets from the Elton John AIDS Foundation and Tateossian, which donate a portion of each accessory’s sale to charity.

The accessories are part of the PILLXXV jewellery line. Elton John and his partner David Furnish personally unveiled them in a party at London’s Ronnie Scott jazz club, in celebration of London Collections Men. The jewellery line includes the pill bracelet, cufflinks, necklace and pin badge. All of them are available in two iterations, namely the Pop and Luxe versions. The latter has white and black diamonds placed in silver which in turn is on a band that has 18 karats of gold. On the other hand, the Pop version is a white and red enamel set on stainless steel.


Tateossian jewellery founder Robert Tateossian and David Furnish are friends, and they’ve been so for a long time already. Being in the same generation, they’ve seen AIDS transition from a hopeless disease to one that can now be managed with antiretroviral pills. However, they realized that while there have been breakthroughs in treatment, there haven’t been any in the way people see the disease. That’s what they hope to help change through their PILLXXV collection.

The jewelry line was launched on July last year, and was done so exclusively with Selfridges. The AIDS bracelet cost from $235 to as much as $4,505 (as of this writing). To know more about AIDS (besides how it inspires the creation of bracelets), you can head over to AIDS.gov. Also, you might want to visit this blog regularly to read more about being positive despite HIV, AIDS and other life challenges in general.

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