Vinyl records make me happy

I can’t exactly tell what’s with vinyl records, but I just love them so much. I love the artwork on their sleeves. I like how they feel when I touch them (weird eh?). I love listening to the music they hold. I also sort of get hypnotized into a trance when I see them spinning on a turntable. Whatever it is with those circular things, they just make me happy and have that warm fuzzy feeling inside. And my family is not at all worried with my obsession, and they actually enjoy telling me that I was born this way.

Mom often tells me that as a baby, I was colicky and jittery, and that all hell broke loose when I first met my pediatrician. “There are going to be long years ahead of you, with probably a generous serving of sleepless nights,” the doctor joked with my Mom. This should be a surprise to my friends and acquaintances now, who only got to know the currently calm and cheerful me. So what exactly changed my general mood? Well, my Mom bought me a record player (like the ones shown here). Apparently, Mom accidentally discovered that my Aunt’s vinyl records gave me inner peace. And so at around four years old, I was already hooked.

Through the years, I got to experience most “vintage” formats of music. Vinyl records might seem like a new and novel format for the Spotify generation, but It’s actually just making a comeback. I also got to wind up cassette tapes and burn CDs before I finally listened to music via my phone. I have probably already spent good money on music streaming services. But whenever the opportunity arises, my funds are spent on good old vinyl records. Just the other day, a friend sold me a box of such that he found in their attic. I was supposed to use the money for trying YouTube Red, but still, the smile on my face couldn’t be any wider. 🙂

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